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London Headshot Photographer

Shutterate are London based photographers specialising in actor headshots with studios in Walthamstow, London, E17.

We provide a truly relaxed environment and combine this with great professionalism and technique to ensure your headshots reflect your acting range and style.

The studio is situated in the middle of the beautiful Lloyd Park so allowing for outdoor shoots as well as indoor studio shoots.

By coming to Shutterate you will receive truly engaging headshots that will help you get noticed by casting directors.


Hello mate, thanks for these. Already been telling the other actors at work how pleased I was, so i’ll try to push work your way.

Having lots of trouble choosing the favourites. Spoiled for choice! Chris K

Thank you so much for taking the photos. They are great and I had a problem choosing final pictures.

I have tried to pick four different from each other.Kamila G


The photos look GREAT!

I had a great time. I think your relaxed and friendly manner made the session more enjoyable, and hopefully made me look happier!?Misa T

Thanks you very much for doing this Phil.

Taken me a while, got down to 16 I liked now found the ones I think are my favourite. Thomas G

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It’s important that both people involved in the shoot are on the same wavelength as far as what is expected from the session.

There is little point in grinning like a cheshire cat throughout the photoshoot and then informing the photographer at the end that you are looking to be cast as an axe murderer!

We discuss before we even start the photoshoot what roles you are looking to be cast in and the way this can be best portrayed by you.

Changes of top and background will take place to ensure different looks from the same session.

The Photoshoot Process

Once we have established the aims of the shoot we’ll get on with it.

It’s all about the angles; the angles of the face and the angles we set up lights for that to fall on your face.

We don’t have a standard lighting set-up, this is bespoke to your particular photoshoot.

Everyone’s face is different. An angle that works for one person looks truly awful on another. We’ll work together to find the best angles for you that also portray the look you are after.

We will regularly review your images on a large 27″ iMac so that you can see how you are portrayed and pointers can be given for changes.

Indoors or Outdoors

Primarily we are studio photographers and that is the reason most actors come to us.

That said, our studio is situated within the beautiful Lloyd Park so access to great outdoor space is very simple.

Even if the weather is poor we have an outdoor courtyard area just outside the studio complex that is partially covered.

The studio is set up with various different backgrounds and a whole host of light modifiers to ensure we can control the look that you are after.

Should you wish to mix and match an indoor studio shoot with an outdoor shoot simply let us know.

Our location provides the best of both worlds!

Proofing and Editing

You will receive access to an online proofing gallery within one day of your shoot. This will be most of the photos taken on the day with some culled to aid your final selection.

Once you have let us know which photos you have chosen to be edited we start the re-touching process.

We aren’t heavy handed with our processing as we truly believe that your headshot should represent you correctly.

So, we aren’t fans of making you look like a porcelain doll, or whitening your eyes as if you were an actor in the Village of the Damned!

What we will do is enhance the images so that you are presented at your best. This involves a whole host of methods and includes skin tone balancing, removal of blemishes and general optimisation of colour and shadow in selected areas.

We can smooth out wrinkles but please don’t expect them to removed entirely – they add character to you – and we are sure you don’t wish to look as if you have had a dozen Botox injections!